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The general public and prospective applicants are hereby informed that the sale of scratch cards for admission into JSS 1 of Air Force Military School, Jos as well other Air Force Secondary Schools for 2014/2015 academic session is in progress.Read More


To transform the NAF into a self reliant and highly professional fighting force through the application of innovative technology in fulfilment of national defence and security objectives.



The Nigerian Air Force (NAF) conceived the idea to establish an Educational cell in the early 70s when it realized the need to Provide continuous education for its personnel and their dependants. However in November 1975, NAF established the department of Education and annexed it under the Directorate of Administration. The department operated until the implementation of the NAF Establishment from 19811985 in which the Directorate of Education (DOEDN) was established with effect from 6 June 1984.


The NAF presently has a total of 18 primary schools and 11 secondary schools including the famous Air Force Military school,Jos.



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