Educating people is an important task, and those who are capable of doing so should take it as a responsibility to bring learning to the uneducated masses. It may be hard to believe, but the world has a literacy rate of only 44% which means that the rest of the percentage have no idea how to read and write, let alone to the school.

We dedicate this website to bringing informative articles for people who are interested in educating others and in helping anyone interested in teaching people with tips and tutorials. For any person with the caliber for providing tutoring, this website would prove to be helpful for any first-time teachers. For experienced teachers, the staff of this website also works tirelessly to bring newer teaching tips and advice that can better equip a teacher to teach students in today’s day and age.

Teaching and educating someone goes beyond knowing a particular subject, but it also about learning and knowing the psychology of a student. We understand that not everyone has a degree in psychology, but the reality is that everyone can master some tricks to understand the psyche of a student.

When we practice that knowledge of understanding the mind of a student, it becomes an intuitive talent, and this website would help any educator achieve that. We believe that by doing so, we are also contributing a little in educating the people who need it.

This website uploads articles written by well-known educators and teachers from all around the world. It also includes materials from experienced teachers to give people a glimpse of what goes on while educating a particular group of people. Apart from that, we also include various tutorials in a variety of topics ranging from science to literature to social studies. There are tutorials on performing arts as well and for people who are looking for ways and means to choose that line of education. Any students who are interested in looking for the right college or school can click on this website to get information.

We also collect ways of education from all over the world to compare how people in other countries are taught. Different countries have different ways of teaching students, and therefore, this website also offers a glimpse of the education systems of different nations.

The staff at this website believes and knows that only education can bring about a sense of peace to this world and therefore we are privileged to offer some sense of semblance of teaching and learning to everyone who has access to the internet. We would also love to hear from anyone who has queries or feedback on how we can improve this medium of imparting knowledge. As Malcolm X once said, “Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today”, this quote holds more truth than ever in this ever-changing and a challenging world where knowledge is free but few lack the wisdom to use it.