Cancellation Policy.

NAF! School Courses are refundable to 100% of the payment within 14 days of booking. After 14 days from the point of booking, NAF! School courses are non-refundable. Our courses are non-transferable as different courses require different qualifications. Additionally, if courses are booked within 14 days of the course start date, the course is non-refundable from the point of booking. 


We may be able to reschedule students, where possible, onto new course dates, if provided legitimate reason and notice prior to the course start date. If a student fails to give prior notice that they are unable to attend, their course space will be cancelled and they will not receive a refund. 


NAF! School reserves the right to cancel any booking made where a previous qualification certificate is required, if a student fails to provide proof of certification. The course  will be refunded for the full amount  in this instance. 


TGB Academy course bookings are non-refundable and non-transferable. We may be able to reschedule students onto new course dates if provided legitimate reason and notice prior to the course starting where possible.

Please Note: 

Student kits will only be available to take away upon successful completion of the course.