NAF! School
Code of Conduct.

NAF! School is a safe and inclusive learning environment. We ask that everyone who steps through our door is helping to maintain this through their behaviour, actions and language.

  1. Respect anyone that you come into contact with. Be that your educator, member of staff or fellow student. Either via phone or email, before, during or after your course.

  2. Respect & use your educators and fellow students' pronouns correctly. We ask that everyone tries their best to avoid misgendering.

  3. No discrimination or intolerance of any kind will be accepted.

  4. Arrive to your course on time, prepared and ready to learn.

  5. Be considerate by not badmouthing any brand, organisation or individual while in the learning space. Our aim is to spread positivity and empower others within the industry.

  6. All students must participate and complete all aspects of the course in order to meet the qualification requirements of the course. Refusal to participate may result in an immediate disqualification.

If the above code of conduct is violated or the NAF! School team deems any behaviour or language inappropriate, we reserve the right to implement our 3 strike system outlined below. 

Three Strike System: If a student breaks the code of conduct on 3 occasions, either during one class or over several courses, they will be removed immediately. This will lead to being unable to return to NAF! School, instant disqualification and financial implication due to our non-refundable course policy.
Read more about that in our T&Cs.